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Handling Women's’ Woes

Handling Women's’ Woes

“Women are not an interest group. They are mothers and daughters, and sisters and wives. They are half of this country and they are perfectly capable of making their own choices about their health.”
Womens’ woes are scary. Your friend might suggest a pill while your family will support home remedies. And you are stuck with the decision of ‘what to do?’. Simply overwhelming & chaotic. Luckily, you can skip the womens’ woes when it comes to finding the precise fit- your gynaecologist.
Listed below are ten factors that you shall consider before you choose your gynaecologist:

1) Choose comfort

A gynaecologist specializes in women’s reproductive well-being. And the consultation can range from vaginal hygiene to first-time pregnancy- topics that can be hard to talk about even with the spouse. Choose a gynaecologist you are comfortable with, especially gender- wise.

Though doctors keep it professional, some women might find it difficult to open up about intimate parts & problems to a male gynaecologist. Filter those that don’t come under your comfortable criteria and head-on.

2) Believe in References & Reviews

This could be your first-time requirement for a gynaecologist. Goggle search can end up with a huge list of doctors. And toughen the filtering process. Rather, ask your close ones. They could be family members, friends, colleagues who have faced a similar problem. Ask them about their preferred doctors & the consultation sessions. Take a note of the gynaecologist and check for their work. Read through their reviews and learn of their professional reputation. If it’s what you are looking for, do not delay.

3) Specialization & Experience

“Every female is diff. So is every female problem”. Just because your friend had gastric distress while she battled PCOD doesn’t mean you would have that too. It could be totally different. That’s why choose a specialist as per your requirements. While you spend time to find a trustworthy gynaecologist, who keeps the matters confidential, also check on their experience levels. A gynaecologist having years of experience & success will be better than home remedies & overwhelming suggestions.

4) Availability

Your pregnancy can be planned or a complete surprise, your choice of gynaecologist shouldn’t be. Invest in a gynaecologist that will be available to help you track your periods, ovulation days and guide you through the delivery. It would be difficult if the gynaecologist isn’t available when you are in an emergency or want expert help while choosing foods that can help regulate periods. As a pregnant individual, carefully plan on check-ups and the waiting period. Also, confirm on last minutes changes, pre or delayed deliveries, just in case.

5) Your doctor is your choice

As a first-time gynaec patient, your head will be wrapped around a lot of things. From swinging across moods to choosing the cradle. Simplify it with a doctor who is professional even after working hours. Regardless of the numerous appointments, your gynaec should give in the right time & effort during your appointment. Rushing through or keeping you hanging over non-emergencies can’t be the right choice. Also, make a note of his/her behaviour. Choose someone that you vibe with. Some doctors can make you feel at home while some can give you the jitters. Choose again.

6) Your doctor works in a team

As you walk in for appointments & check-ups get to know the team working with your choice. The nurses, junior doctors & interns. On the ‘D Day’ these people will be coordinating with the gynaecologist and they must be well versed with your condition. Look for a homely feel & get settled in.

7) Communication

Women’s reproductive care can be confusing, especially if it’s your first time. Medicines prescribed can be wrong & miscommunications can make it worse. While you choose a doctor, ensure that he/she is well versed in communicating it right. If you are super worried, choose a doctor that fluently speaks the same language as you. This way there are lesser communication barriers & concerns are rightly addressed.

8) Cost

Regular periods can happen. Having a baby can be joyous & pompous. Infections can be medically treated. But anything taking a dip in your savings might cost you later. Pick a cost- efficient hospital & gynaecologist. If possible, start saving in prior and keep a little something for emergencies. Have insurance, use it & get reimbursed. Budget the expenses, keep a buffer and spend wisely.

9) Listen to your gut

If the gynaecologist’s eyes are too judgemental, reconsider. If they can’t keep your details confidential, reconsider. If the vibes don’t match, reconsider. If the sessions aren’t as you expected, reconsider. If anything makes you rethink your choice, reconsider. As a woman feel independent to choose a doctor & safe environment that you are happy with. Let nothing be compromised on.

Finally, if you have found the right gynaecologist make sure you recommend them to our close ones, choose them in your needs and review the former positively. After all your word can be a solution to another woman’s woes.

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